(in chronological order)
Frank Reid, K.C.
Great Uncle Frank Reid K.C. started things off in 1948 when he jotted down some notes.

Olive Muskett
Preserver of family history and secrets, kept Uncle Frank's papers and family photos.

David Watts
Steward of the family tree and source of the working copy, together with many priceless photos and encouragement.

Dr Robert A Laing, MSc, Phd
Dr Laing, of South Africa, provided an extensive tree on the LAINGs.

Chris Morgan
Thanks to Chris for all of his help and information on the PEARSE and HAWKINS branches, and on several members of the MACLEARs.

Frank Graves
Thanks also to Frank for his help and information on the GRAVES & BRAYSHAW branches, and copies of some more pricless photographs and letters.

Emeritus Distinguished Professor Brian Warner
Professor Warner, of the Univeristy of Cape Town, has several publications describing the work and history of Sir Thomas as the Royal Astronomer at Cape Town Royal Observatory, including:
  • "Astronomers at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope", 1979, AA Balkema Cape Town, ISBN 0869611097
  • "Charles Piazzi Smyth, Astronomer-Artist, His Cape Years 1835-1845", 1983, AA Balkema Cape Town, ISBN 086961133X
  • "Maclear & Herschel, Letters & Diaries at the Cape of Good Hope 1834-1838", 1984, AA Balkema Cape Town, ISBN 0869611453

and is the source of several marvellous portraits of Sir Thomas and Lady Maclear, as well as a detailed tree by a BROUNGER descendant, and copious other material.
Deepest thanks to Brian as well, for being an excellent host and guide on my visit to Cape Town and the Observatory.

Glynn Reid
Cousin-researcher, who has dug-up a trove of REID, PEARSE, MAGRATH, MACLEAR & HAWKINS material and pics of and around Bedford.

"The Astronomy of Southern Africa"
Patrick Moore & Pete Collins, 1977, Robert Hale & Company, London, ISBN 070916176X

David Brounger
Deepest thanks for vast detail on BROUNGER, REID & MACLEAR branches.

Cecilia Hawkins
Professional researcher (formerly) of Cape Town, who industriously provided death notices of various South African family members.

Steve Addison
Thanks to Steve for info on SOUTHEY

Heather Carson
Thanks to Heather for invaluable detail on MANN, LADDS & BRAYSHAW

John Gillis
A big thanks to John for his dedicated research and hard work on MACLEARs

Numerous other family members and contacts who provided twigs, branches, photographs, stories, facts & enthusiasm. Thankyou.